Tuesday, 17 June 2014

RSCM Hymnfest at St Andrews Cathedral Sydney

On Sunday 15th June 2014 I attended an enjoyable RSCM Hymnfest at St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney (Australia), hosted by organist and music director Ross Cobb, and accompanied by Peter Jewkes on the pipe organ, together with a brilliant brass consort. I was surprised by the overwhelmingly large attendance of men, since Church music gatherings usually attract a preponderance of women. However I shared praising God in womanly song with three great companions, all fine Church musicians: Sister Marie Levy (renowned Church music scholar and foundress of the Sydney Gregorian Schola, now retired), Godelieve Ghavalas, organist and music director of St Patrick's Church Hill, Sydney, and Robin Ruys, organist and music director of Hunters Hill Anglican Church. Ross Cobb rehearsed a selection of traditional and contemporary hymns with us, then presided at the following hymn-laden Evening Service, and was recorded. Can't wait to hear the recording, Ross!

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